1. Easter is 6 Sundays Away (April 16)
2. Good Friday Event (April 14)

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Week of March 27, 2017

TODAY’S MAIN IDEA: Live with Confidence, Love, and Compassion as you serve others.

• When living a life of confidence – you have nothing to prove, nothing to lose, and nothing to hide.
• What are some areas of your life that you have confidence in? Why? Where does your confidence come from?
• Who in your life are you trying to disprove? Why?
• What are you afraid to lose? Why?

BIBLE READING: READ John 13: 1 – 15
• If you hold onto to SHAME, you won’t be able to accept or take hold of grace.
• Are there any areas of SHAME in your life?
• How can you release that area of your life to God?

– Pastor Mike said, “We are a SOUL with a BODY, not a BODY with a SOUL.”
• Does it make a difference?
• Do you agree? Why or Why not?
• Does it change your perspective or approach to life?

– Pastor Mike discussed an inverted kingdom. A Traditional Kingdom, has the King on top, and the people serve the King, whereas an Inverted Kingdom the King is still on top, but this time the people are served by the King. In other words, every position of authority is meant to serve others, and not ourselves.
• What areas of your life do you have authority over others?
• Do you look at it as an opportunity to serve others or serve yourself?
• Is there any areas that require you to invert in order to serve others better?

There have been various times in your life that people have served and helped you during some of your worst moment (Parents, Siblings, Friends, Teachers, Professional Caregivers, Doctors, Employers, etc.).
• First, Choose two people who have helped you in the past, and this week, reach out specifically to thank them for helping you.
• Second, What lessons have you learned from these experiences where others have helped you through your challenges, and in what ways can you use them to serve and help others as they go through their own challenges?