1. Easter is 6 Sundays Away (April 16)
2. Good Friday Event (April 14)

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Week of April 9, 2017

We learn much about Jesus’ PATIENCE in the five days of Holy Week between his Triumphant Entry (Palm Sunday) to his arrest at Garden of Gethsemane & subsequent trial (Good Friday). PATIENCE is required for FAITH in God, HOPE in our selves, and LOVE of others.

What is a favorite NETFLIX series that you have binged? (No Spoilers!!)

Do you prefer to BINGE a show all at once, or watch a show weekly as it is aired? (For those who have never binged, do you prefer to watch a recorded show and fast-forward through the commercials or do you prefer the experience of watching a program live – commercials and all?) Explain why.

Pastor Mike taught that control-issues often reveal themselves in extremes – I am everything or I am nothing. Do YOU have control issues? Please describe. (This is not a question that you need to answer for anyone else, and consequently reveal your personal leanings toward control!! LOL!!)

Please Read: Matt 21:1 – 11, Matt 26:36 – 41, Matt 26:47 – 50

Our bodies often respond to pain with a flight or fight reaction. How do you handle difficulties situations and pain – fight, flight, or patience?

Many of us avoid pain at all costs (also the reason why we try to ‘control’ things), even though Pastor Mike taught us on Sunday that ‘avoiding pain never make us more like Jesus.’ What is it about pain that makes us try to avoid it all costs?
Currently, is there a specific area in your life that you are avoiding facing the pain? If comfortable, share that area and why you may be avoiding it. (Areas like loss, relationship, illness, finances, etc.)
What potential lessons are you avoiding to learn?

Pastor Mike taught us that ‘You can not understand FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE without PATIENCE’ and went on to redefine our understanding of Faith, Hope, and love as the following:
Patience with GOD is FAITH
Patience with YOURSELF is HOPE
Patience with OTHER is LOVE
Which of the three areas do you have the most success (patience) in? Which area do you have the least success (lacks patience) in?

“No one is a crown-bearers in heaven, without having been a cross-bearer on earth!!” During this Holy Week, reflect on what it means that Jesus carried his cross?
In what ways have you/do you carry your own cross?

We are continually reminded by the scripture that the ‘The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.’ Pastor Mike went on to further clarify this scripture by defining the difference between ‘Spirit Logic’ and ‘Flesh Logic’:
Spirit Logic: If you are tired – You REST!!
Flesh Logic: If you are tired – You QUIT!!
Are there areas in your life that you need rest – or perhaps you just need rest in general? If so, how over the next week will you intentionally plan and schedule rest in those areas or in your life? (Some suggestions: Go to bed earlier, schedule a weekend nap, cancel items on an overbooked schedule, plan a stay-cation, even plan a weekend get-away)
If you are willing and want to take the next step in growth and accountability, share with your group what you plan to do, and follow-up with each other to help each other accomplish this step toward rest.

Is there an area in your life that you QUIT, when you instead should have taken REST, and therefore reengage that area?
What areas in your life do you need to re-engage? (This could be a passion, hobby, project rather than something you feel obligated to do).


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