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2. Group Fitness Class on Saturdays at 9am

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TODAY’S MAIN IDEA: Even though we can know with certainity that Jesus rose from the dead, we still experience doubts in our faith, however ‘doubt’ can catapult our faith and help us to claim ultimate victory.

Pastor Mike shared in his introduction that in ancient times a folded cloth culturally means – I want to come back. What are some of your favorite places to revisit and why?

Clearly, Jesus brings us together, but doubt also can bring us together. We all have struggles and doubts. How would you complete the following statement: “I doubt that ________ (fill-in-the-blank).”

Pastor Mike gave the following ‘Reasons We know Jesus Rose from the Dead’:
Public Historic Execution
Officially Secured Tomb
Grace was Empty
More than 500 People Saw Him Alive
Apostles Weren’t Scared Punks Anymore
Jewish Believers Changed their Day of Worship
Predicted Death
Which of the above is most convincing/easiest for you to believe?
Which of the above do you have the most doubts in and is the most difficult for you to believe?

BIBLE READING: READ John 20: 1 – 18
We tend to DOUBT:
Rank in order, from greatest to least, which do you doubt most? Why is this the order you choose? What do you think this reflects?

Truth about DOUBT:
We doubt what we can’t control or explain.
We can doubt the truth and have faith in lies.
Doubt and Faith can coexist.
Does faith and doubt coexist in your own life? If so, explain how they coexist? Can you name some examples?

Additional Scripture:
Hebrews 11:1 (ESV),
Hebrews 11:1 – 2 (MSG),
Matthew 14:31 (ESV),
Mark 9:23 – 25.

“Doubt is not the opposite of faith; it is an element of faith.”

Why do we doubt that we deserve God’s blessings, healings, and love? This week, take the opportunity to encourage someone else that they are deserving of God’s Love. Take this opportunity to specifically name a person and share it with the group.

Pastor Mike encouraged us to “Rehearse Victory.” What is an area in your life that you need to ‘Rehearse victory”? Over the next week, how will you tangibly ‘rehearse victory’ as a reflection of your faith?