TODAY’S MAIN IDEA: You will prosper as your soul prospers. Today, take time to regain your spiritual flow and rhythm with God. 


Pastor Mike described being in a “spiritual flow” or rhythm – help define what he meant by this expression so that we have a clear understanding for the rest of this discussion.


Describe any activity that you have had success in during your life?  

When you had your greatest success in this area, describe the “flow” or “rhythm”. Did it come easily to you? Why or why not?


Describe a time when you had a spiritual flow with God.



Psalm 37:37 (MSG) / 3 John 1:2 (MSG)



1. Your thoughts start with You, but end with God (2 Corinthians 10:5)

A Healthy soul doesn’t mean having a perfect soul, instead it means the best you can do with what you have. After taking last week’s ‘Soul Evaluation,’ as well as taking into account how you are doing with what you have been given, how would you currently grade your soul (letters A to F – just like in school)? Why would you give yourself this grade?


Pastor Mike taught us that DISCRENMENT becomes more potent the healthier our soul is and helps lead us through the gray areas of life, while CONVICTION helps us tell between right and wrong. Describe a situation where you used DISCERNMENT to help navigate that situation.


2. You Stay Regular (Psalm 84:2 / Psalm 107:9)

A healthy Soul is a hungry soul. Pastor Mike reminded us “Garbage in, Garbage out”, but also encouraged us with “Good in, Good out.” What are some ways that you bring garbage into your life (physically or spiritually)? Conversely, what are some ways that you bring good into your life?


3. You begin to have intentional emotions (Genesis 4:6 – 7)

Healthy Soul masters their emotions. Describe situations or people that challenge your emotional stability? What are some ways that you can better master your emotions in those situations?


A great quote from Pastor Mike this Sunday was when he stated that, “Emotions are drunk – they lack focus and direction, and shouldn’t be behind the wheel.” If emotions shouldn’t be leading us, describe what should be leading us, and how can you better employs them to lead you?



As a group, come up with a list of ways that your soul can prosper. Then from the overall list, let each individual choose one item (there can be duplicates) that you will focus on throughout the rest of the week.


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