TODAY’S MAIN IDEA: An evaluation is a critical part of your spiritual journey because you must know where you are, before you can get to where you want to go.

We are constantly evaluating things all the time, even when we don’t realize it. What is it about the various reality shows (whether it is picking and evaluating homes, dates, cars, UFC fighters, etc.) that we enjoy? Describe your favorite show and why.

Pastor Mike reminded us that the harvest requires hard work with the quote from a farmer that said, “The corn won’t pick itself.” As both a reminder and affirmation to yourself and others, what are some ‘harvests’ in your life that required hard work? Describe both the ‘hard work’ as well as the outcome (or ‘harvest’) of that hard work.

Mark 8:31 – 37 (ESV) / also see Mark 8:34 – 37 (MSG) / Deuteronomy 4:29

Although happiness is meant to be a servant, not our master, answer Pastor Mike’s initial question, “What really makes you happy?” What is it about this thing that gives you joy?

We were reminded that “secrets limit intimacy.” Why do we keep secrets from those we love? (And we are not talking about a surprise party or special gift.) Describe the fear of being found out.

Pastor Mike taught that “The size of your confession is directly related to the size of your healing.” Why do we so often opt for partial confession instead of complete confession?

Pastor Mike stated that “Judgment is different than Correction” – explain and discuss why and how they are different, and each can affect us.

Pastor Mike asked the piercing question, “Is there anyone you hate in your heart?” He went on to remind us that, “So often the things that we hate in others, is often the same things we hate about ourselves.” What are those things that both irritate you in others, as well as your self? Do you struggle seeing those items in yourself?

If you haven’t already, take some time by yourself and honestly answer each of the evaluation questions. Take time to write down your answers. Upon completion, share your answers and process with someone that you trust. (i.e. DC Leader, Parent, Spouse, Good Friend)

• What really makes you happy? And “Should it make you happy?”

• What are some things that if someone found out, it would be devastating to you and those around you?

• What’s one thing you need to start doing to bring you closer to God?

• Is there anyone you hate in your heart?

• What do you hate about yourself?

REMINDER: DC Worship Night – This Thursday @ 7pm @ Fervent