TODAY’S MAIN IDEA: In order to experience a ‘Soul Cleanse’, you must adjust to have correct thinking, rather simply changing your behavior. Long-term behavior change, is based on changed thinking and changed habits.

Describe something that you have always wanted to do, but have not yet done in your life? (Bungee jumping, special trip, drive a particular car, etc.)

Given our ongoing discussion about ‘Soul Evaluation’, through those lenses, list an activity that you would like to add to your life.

“Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.” – David doesn’t ask “Can you create in me…”, it is understood, that God can and will create a clean spirit within us!! Do you believe that God can and will create a clean heart in you – why or why not?

Pastor Mike shared in a previous sermon series: Practical Change Requires a Change in: _______ (Fill-in-the-blank from below)  (which then leads to a change in): _______ (Fill-in-the-blank from below).
The progression is as follows:
Heart Thoughts Identity Habits Course Living out your Purpose

In the above progression, which area have you experienced the most change?

PRE-DECIDE (Predetermine) right now – Never wait until tomorrow to start, what you can start today. As an individual, take this moment to choose today to start or continue the process that God has you on.

I made a LIST
You know where you need to grow, therefore listen continue to the Holy Spirit and be obedient. Take a few moments right now to individually make your “LIST” of the top three things that God wants you to work on in your life.

Our priorities are reflected in our calendar. Does your calendar reflect your list from above in any way? Why or why not? How can you make your schedule better reflect the priorities that you identified above?

Pastor Mike definitively stated, “Saying ‘I don’t have time…’ is a LIE!!!” Do you agree with that statement? Why or why not?

I ABSTAIN (fasting) – Read Matthew 6:16 – 18
Fasting, as defined in the Bible, is abstaining from food, and taking the time to pray instead. In addition, fasting exercises discipline over the body to get in tune with Holy Spirit, which in the end helps prepare you for future battles – not avoid them!! What is the hardest element of fasting for you? If you have fasted in the past, what has been the greatest challenge?

Challenge #1: This week, at some point, choose to FAST (Make the decision right now, if you haven’t already!!) It doesn’t matter when or how many meals you choose to forego – it is only between you and God. Remember that this is not about diet, but about intimacy with God.

Challenge #2: From the ‘Start the Conversation’ questions, you shared something you have always wanted to do, as well as an activity you wanted to add to your life – take time, right now, and identify one of those items that you will do, and put a specific timetable on accomplishing it!!