Preached by Pastor Steve Rimikis

Today’s Main Idea:
Soul Supplements – We need supplements where we are deficient, whether in the body or in the soul.

Start the Conversation – Questions:
Describe the biggest change in your life? What made the change exciting? What made the change challenging or scary?

Bible Reading: READ James 1:19 – 27 (ESV)
As a group, list the various ways that James commands us to act. Of the commands that you have listed, which stands out most to you?
Why do you think that is?
According To Pastor Steve, here is the general overview, accompanied with questions to make you better embrace
Ways to Supplement your Soul:
1.) Accountability through Relationship
– Quickest way to stop growth is by stopping to serve others, while the quickest way to start growth is to start serving others.
– Don’t make negative assumptions about others who don’t act like you would.
– Take time, build relationships, and have genuine interest and care in others
– God will grow you past your personality

Describe a relationship where someone showed genuine interest and took the time to build a relationship with you?
What kind of impact did this relationship have on you?

2.) Constant Evaluation
– Because Change is constant, we must be in the process of constant evaluation.
– Remember that promotion equals change.
– The greater your promotion, the more your actions will affect others.
– If we are being superficial and selfish, we are inwardly focused, instead, like Paul’s example, focus on others, and be outward focused!!

Do you mainly embrace, endure, or ignore change in your life? Why do you think that is?
What are the positive aspects of change? What are the negative aspects?

3.)Celebrate the Wins in Life.
– Recognize and celebrate the wins in your life.
– Be present and Pay attention.

What is the greatest win of your life, so far? Explain.

Action Items:
In your walk with Jesus, what areas of your journey need to be most supplemented? How will you accomplish adding and building in this area?
Name a tangible step that you will take this week to supplement the area that you listed. Share with your group the step you will take this week.


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