Hope comes from trusting God. A trusting soul produces and relies on the ‘Biblical Hope’, which anticipates with trust and pleasure in God’s faithfulness.

Pastor Mike suggested that ‘Moments of silence are a great revealer.’ When he began his sermon this week, he started in silence for only about 30 seconds, but it seemed like an eternity. How did you feel and react to this silence on Sunday (or how would you react to a similar unplanned and unexplained silence)?

Describe an activity that you enjoy in silence? (and for the sake of the question, there can be other sounds around you – i.e. bird watching, taking hot shower, reading, cleaning, hiking, etc.)

READ Luke 1:5 – 25 (NKJV) The story of Elizabeth, Zacharias, and John the Baptist, is a story of God’s faithfulness and ultimately how he restored hope in to those who had doubt. God is able to transform our doubts into hopes, when we trust in him.

HIS WORD (This is not complicated, but it is certainly not easy.)
If you have one, share with the group a favorite scripture that gives you hope and encouragement. If you do not yet have a favorite verse of hope, borrow one from a fellow group member, or take time later tonight to search out a verse for yourself (and then try to commit to memory. There is power when we memorize scripture).

Pastor Mike shared “Based on the bible, there is wisdom in the multitude of counselors, however there is not wisdom in the counsel of the multitudes.” In other words, having trusted friends and spiritual advisors helping to guide you can be more helpful than going it alone, however, asking everyone for their advise does not produce wisdom, but instead, more often than not, greater confusion and uncertainty. In what scenarios or situations are you prone to seek the counsel of the multitudes?

HIS MERCIES (Because we all sin and fall short, we must rely and hope in God’s mercies, which the bible tells us are new every morning!!)

HIS PLANS (Trust God’s plan as you learn and grow more comfortable ‘going with the flow’, even to the point of trusting God with only one instruction.)

Please know with confidence that God has a plan for your life, even if that plan hasn’t been fully revealed to you. God’s plan is not reliant on us knowing the details in order for it to be fulfilled. Describe at least one aspect of God’s plan for your life – whether it has already taken place or something God has revealed about your future.

Below are four ‘Trust Statements’. If you are willing, describe a situation in your life that you need to speak and believe these statements in order to restore hope and faith in God for the outcome.

• The future will be better than the present.
• God has the power to make it so.
• There are many paths to my destination.
• None of them are free of obstacles.


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