*Names have been withheld for security purposes*

Please lift up “S” who has started reading the Word and has a growing love for Jesus Christ.

About two and a half years ago, she heard about Jesus for the first time as best as she can remember.  She has overcome many difficult challenges in life and sees God’s protection in keeping her safe.  She is one of the most courageous people I’ve ever met. Please pray for a deepening trust in Him and for the Holy Spirit to provide understanding of His word and the uniqueness of Jesus as she reads.

Please ask for wisdom as I meet with “S” that He would lead our conversations.  She has a desire to follow Jesus and is learning of His sufficiency for her every need as she along with many people in the majority belief are used to having many gods.

Additionally, please pray for God’s guidance and provision when I return to New Jersey next summer to renew my visa and the whole process that comes along with that.

Lastly, our organization is having a Global Leadership conference in two weeks and they have invited me to come.  Looking forward to a time of learning and growth as well as worship.

This September was four years for me in Asia!
I’m thankful for all those who have given and prayed to make my work here possible.  Please thank Him with me as we remember all that He’s done the last four years.  Please ask daily that Jesus would be adored in my heart and that I would see people the way He sees them.