Scot & Carrie Dressler

Prayer Request from Scot and Carrie:

I am writing with an emergent prayer need, which I hope you might be able to share with praying people within your circle.

I met earlier today with a representative from the construction company which plans to develop the property adjacent to the Alliance cemetery (which was formerly the swimming pool). He began our meeting stating he wanted to be a good neighbor and did not want to damage our wall and mural. However, in the end he made it known that he has no intention of making any efforts to preserve the wall, that in his opinion it will have to come down, that there is no other way to proceed, and we have no rights concerning it. As you can imagine, these statements were beyond upsetting to us, to none more than Patricia who was also in the meeting.

I had consulted our lawyer proactively about this matter months ago, and he visited the site and researched all available documents in our possession and registered with the city. As you know, the cemetery has a long history, and in this Land that usually makes matters less clear, not more. Now we will have to once again turn to our lawyer, and learn what rights we may have, if any. I put little hope in the legal system, or the good will of the State toward us. But we do trust in a God who is able to do battle on behalf of His people. We certainly would be grateful to you for calling out to Him to be our shield and defender once again.

The ministry of the cemetery and the Wall of Life has only increased in recent years. Two weekends ago we had over 800 visitors and partnered with the Bible Society and others to give away many pieces of literature and other media. A group of 40 visited today. So we are not surprised by this opposition. It is always this way when the Kingdom is advancing.
Thank you for joining us in prayer,

Scot & Carrie