Scot & Carrie Dressler

Prayer requests from Scot & Carrie:

Palestinian Team:

We have a number of new and growing believers in the West Bank that experience threats, violence, and isolation because of their faith.  Pray for persecuted local believers in the West Bank.

Pray for our national Palestinian church the Evangelical Alliance Church in the Holy Land as they engage the peoples of the land.  Pray for the Palestinian believers, who are often feel rejected and I accepted by others in the Body of Christ.  Pray for the Palestinian people, that they would come to understand God’s love and desire for them.

Pray for the Open Church, which is reaching thousands of men and women every week in hard to access places I. The Middle East through Arab broadcasts and resources in the internet. Pray that God would provide necessary finances and people to carry on the work.

General Field:

The field is preparing for transition of leadership and a number of home assignments.  Please pray that God would raise up and empower the right people for all of the essential roles of the field.

We have a number of clergy and volunteer visas up for renewal in December.  After three months of applying we still have not been granted appointments.  Please pray that these visa renewals would be granted to us.

Our Chinese congregation in Tel Aviv has been without a pastor for a number of years. The church has located an called a pastor. Please pray that God would provide a visa and everything that is necessary for the sending of this family to continue the work among the thousands of Chinese workers in Tel Aviv.

As our children attend local schools they are part of a tiny religious minority and their education is often heavily influenced by secularism or by Judaism, Islam or traditional Christianity.  Pray that God would guard their hearts and minds.  Pray that their parents calling and the life it entails would be a source of blessing to them, not a source of undue burden or resentment.

Pray that God would strengthen the families and marriages of our C&MA International Workers and those of our local partners.

Recent weeks have seen a number of terror attacks and military action on the northern and southern borders.  The prospect of upsetting the status quo by moving the US embassy to Jerusalem threatens fragile efforts.  Pray for the peace of all the peoples of the land, and the safety an protection of workers and local believers as they engage in Kingdom work.

Pray that the Lord of the harvest would send more laborers into the field, as we need more workers on both Israeli and Palestinian teams.

Israeli Team Ministry:

Due to a construction project on a neighboring property, a large section of our evangelistic mural (which took 6 1/2 years to paint) in our cemetery, which is visited by hundreds of visitors each month is in danger of being destroyed.  It is likely we will need to go to the courts to protect it, and the Israeli courts have never sided in our favor.  Please pray that God will protect this important and unique ministry tool, and provide all of the financial resources which might be needed to do so.  The Ministry of Tourism recently contacted the field director about how them might be able to help in this matter. Pray that God would bless this meeting.


We are preparing for repairs required by the city on the stonework of one of our century old properties in Beersheva were a local Messianic congregation meets.  We have no US budgeted resources for any property repairs, so are trusting God to provide the necessary funds.  Please pray that we would find an honest contractor and God would provide the necessary funds.


Our ministry center remains closed after violent protests by ultra-religious Israelis.  Please pray for our working in the city who still experience threats, and who are working with the city to get permission to re-open the center.  Through the protests, God have given these workers many opportunities to share their faith with community members.  Pray that God would bless these interaction.

Our newest couple working in Hebrew ministries (sent from the Ecuadorian C&MA church) is finishing full time language study and seeking God’s direction for their ministry assignment.  Pray that God would give them and field leaders wisdom.

Pray for our Messianic Israeli partners throughout the country who are often rejected by family, their government, and by other Jewish people because of their embrace of Jesus as Messiah.  Pray for the people of Israel and Jewish people around the world, that they would see their Messiah and embrace His love for them.