Joe & Andrea Zanayed

Merry Christmas from the Zanayed family!

We are SO thankful for your prayers, encouragement, and financial support during this past year!  We’ve enjoyed seeing many of you this year as we are in the states.  This is a picture at Niagara Falls where we were able to stop on the way up to speak to a partner church in Canada this month!

Prayer Request: Visa Renewal

Joe and our team mate, Marshall, will be flying back to Israel TODAY, (Dec. 12th) to request our yearly visa renewal.  This is always something we bring in prayer as we’ve had issues before with getting our renewal so we’ve learned this needs to be covered in prayer.  Will you please pray with us that Joe and Marshall will have no trouble getting their renewals?  We will keep you posted!  Currently the date of the visa appointment is December 19th which is the night of the 18th here in the US.

“Christmas is ruined”

(quote from a Christian friend living in Ramallah) 

This image was from a couple weeks ago in downtown Ramallah.  Thousands of Muslims and Christians came out to see the lighting of the tree.  But after Trump’s announcement that Jerusalem will be recognized as Israel’s capital alone, all the lights in the city have been turned off.  In our culture celebration and mourning do not coincide, so there is deep sadness, anger, and hurt as once again they lose hope of having peace in the near future.  Our team and church are safe but are keeping an eye on the situation each day.

The Good News

The good news, is that in the midst of all the tension, God is still at work bringing our Palestinian friends into relationship with Him!  We are so excited to share that a friend who we met almost 5 years ago through English classes has found Jesus!  She actually had to leave the country to find Jesus (running away from the hard life in Palestine) and was led to Germany where she met some other Alliance workers who are working with Arabic speakers there!  All the seeds that had been planted during her 5 years as part of the Mosaic ministry came to fruition as she once again heard from them.  Here is what she said in an email to our team mate who had recently connected deeply with her (it’s in her own words and though the English isn’t perfect, I’m sure you’ll understand!): 
“Many of miracles happened with me when I traveled. No one steal from me. I didn’t sleep at [on the] street. I didn’t get lost. I didn’t feel hungry. I’m always in safe, warm place. God wants a plan for me. Jesus show me himself and his love through many miracles and many believers of him. I am satisfied and confident to accept his love, and to see more what he will show me. I will choose this path from now and forever. I am happy with the new spirit that he will give me, and the eternal life with Jesus.”
We believe this story happened because of YOU!  Every prayer you send up for us and our team is part WHY we have this good news to share with you today!  Please continue to pray for fruit like this to come from the many seeds our team plants among our Palestinian friends.  JESUS is the only true answer for peace!