John 13:38 ESV
Jesus answered, “Will you lay down your life for me?”

I know this is a heavy scripture to start off with, but I want to look at this verse in a different way than you’re probably used to.  What if Jesus isn’t asking you to literally lay down your physical life for Him, but rather your will and personal desires to follow Him in every sense of the word?  Giving up control can be a scary step to take but if we want to live out our potential in Christ, we need to learn to embrace it.

We see it all the time in the natural world.  My wife’s vegetables she grows in pots in the winter won’t reach their potential unless she plants them in the ground in the spring.  My son will become a much stronger man if I slowly allow him to live life outside of my control rather than sheltering him and stunting his social and emotional growth.

We know God’s ways are above our own, but to experience them, we have to learn to lay down our lives every single day.  Make a choice today to step outside of your comfort zone — exchange your control for His power!

Steve Rimikis
Executive Pastor


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