Hey Friends!

As you probably would guess, we WERE NOT finished in Africa when our family circumstances demanded that we relocate back to the USA. There was still so much vision in our hearts and so many people we dreamed of working with. When the wheels of that 777 lifted off the ground at Kilimanjaro International Airport on December 22nd and the tears rolled down my fat cheeks, I whispered a prayer of commitment to the Lord…a commitment to keep my heart and life open and poured out to the great continent of Africa and her beautiful people. In fact, I decided I would make 2 trips per year for the next 2 years and then reassess from there.  And that commitment starts to become a reality on May 16th when I head back to East Africa….hopefully not alone.

The vision of Integer Network is to guide leaders and teams into authenticity and wholeness. Ask any African you know about how (bad forms of) religion has impacted leaders and churches, causing them to hide truth and lack integrity. Africa needs renewal and transparency as much as anywhere else! Developing leaders has always been at the core of our hearts and we will continue to doing that through Integer International!

International engagement, international trips and international partnerships are in the DNA of Integer from its inception. I will not soon forget the day just a few months back when a 90 year old missions mentor pointed at me and said: “Now, you listen closely…this ministry better be International from day one!” Yes, Don Jacobs, you are right!

While Integer is being started and based in the USA, our heart for the nations is alive. Here are our hopes and plans for 2018:

May: Kenya and Tanzania for Integer gatherings and ministry in both nations in collaboration with multiple ministry partners we have trust with.

September: European Integer Tour (UK, Germany, and other countries unfolding) w/ key meetings and gatherings for developing Integer in Europe.

November: Potential trip to Zambia and (maybe) South Africa is in the works.


Perhaps you say…”I would love to go on one of these trips with you!” Super! We would love to have you. That was our idea all along. It is right there on our website. Reply to this email and let’s talk about it.


With eyes looking beyond,

Noah and the Integer Team