Hello friends!

Have you ever noticed how many Japan emojis there are? 🏯🗼🗾🎎⛩🇯🇵🌏🍱🌊🍜🎏🍣…

     Japan! Scott and I spent time in Tokyo last fall connecting with churches and learning about ways God is moving in the country.  Less than a month later, we were asked by a friend and mentor of ours, Hal Jones if we had considered ministering in Japan!

Hearing this right after praying over this country was so encouraging for us because that’s what God does–leads us through His storybook one chapter at a time. This conversation led to the trip I’m taking on Tuesday to Japan for the next few weeks.

I’ll be joining an international team from Prague, New Zealand, Hawaii, and Indonesia in Japan to help local churches build bridges of love and hope to the most hurting and forgotten in their cities.

We will be focusing on the areas of Aomori in the north and the island of Okinawa south of the main island.

Please pray as our team leader is already encountering a lot of spiritual warfare in the planning of this trip.

It looks like this will be trip focused on spiritual “plowing” rather than the “planting” or “watering” of previous work that we were expecting.  Meaning this may be very early stages of activating awareness and neighborhood focus for these church communities.

Imagine the Church in Japan activated to show the love of Jesus to the most forgotten and hurting people in their cities!

Meanwhile in Brussels…
Last week I was able to join a StrengthsFinder week-long intensive training to be a Strengths Professional! It was a very full week and an amazing time of learning ways to coach others by identifying talents that can shape their influence, team, and culture!
Thank you for partnering through your faithful prayer and support!
Love and thanks in Him,

The Lord continues to open doors to activate churches around the world!

Feb 5 – 12: Washington D.C.
Feb 28 – March 21:  Brussels, Belgium
Mar 22 – Apr 4:  Okinawa/Aomori, Japan
April 4 – 9:  Lisbon, Portugal
April 10-16: Brussels, Belgium
April 16-30: Quito, Ecuador
May 13 – 31:  Manilla/Casiguran, Philippines
June 1-15:  Jakarta, Indonesia
June 16 – Jul 10: Brussels, Belgium
Jul 11 – 18:  Brisbane, Australia
Jul 19 – Aug 1: California
Aug/Sept: Camp Melody, NJ, Rockford, IL
Sept/Oct: Brussels, Belgium
Oct 24 – 31: Dublin, Ireland
Nov:  Kathmandu, Nepal
Nov 11 – 17:  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Nov: Jakarta, Indonesia
Dec 1- 20: Brussels, Belgium