Lamentations 3:40 ESV

Let us test and examine our ways, and return to the Lord!

We had a minor situation in my house last week.  For a reason I’m still not sure of, my 6 year old son desperately wanted to put his Ironman Halloween costume on his giant, stuffed Kermit the Frog — but couldn’t get it to fit.  When he approached me with it, I told him I was busy right now and I’d help him later.  I thought everything was fine, but after a few minutes, he came back into the room (with Kermit) and politely told me that the way I said no to him had hurt his feelings.

Thinking about it, he was 100% right.  When I’m feeling overwhelmed with a hectic schedule, I’m less aware of other people’s feelings and it’s easy to respond in a way that can make them feel like what they’re asking isn’t important.  My son helped show that to me with one honest statement.

If we’re going to ask God to help us with the aspects of our personalities that need to be worked on the most, we first have to be aware of them ourselves.  If someone who cares about you points out an area that you could improve in, don’t just brush it off.  Take some time to reflect and consider how you could handle future situations differently.

They’re not always easy to hear, but if we’re open to receiving honest assessments of our actions, God will continue to help us grow and mature in our identity.

Steve Rimikis
Executive Pastor


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