Our DMCs (Discipleship Missional Communities) have a focus and rhythm that will include UP – IN – OUT, which is slightly tweaked from our previous weekly labels, but is clearly within the same spirit.  Below is a brief description of each weekly focus, as well as a picture that is attached above that visually demonstrates the three different focuses.

Our “UP” weeks  focus specifically on growing closer to God, and would be considered a traditional picture of discipleship and bible study, as well as opportunities of evenings of worship.


Our “IN” weeks focus on caring for each other in our group, helping provide social opportunities to grow closer to one another, through prayer, at times, or just having fun together!!


Our “OUT” weeks focus on mission and others who are outside of the group.  This week is specifically about building relationships in the community and serving others.  This is our DMCs opportunity to take what you love, and make it how you love!!



“UP” Week – Weeks #1 & #3 of the month

“IN” Week – Week #2 of the month

“OUT” Week – Week #4 of the month


*PLEASE NOTE: The above scheduled weeks are suggestions, and your group can choose to go in a different order, especially if a special event or service opportunity presents itself.  Please know that each group has flexibility. Also the weekly focuses are subject to be changed, but prior notice will be given to each DMC leader.


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