Hello friends around the world!

This month, I have two memorable and impacting trips to check in about: Japan and Ecuador!

My time in Japan began with working with churches from around the Aomori area in the north of Japan.  I was able to speak at Joyful Chapel and the pastor ended up leading the entire church in a dedicated time of prayer that afternoon to start serving their city! He had our team go around praying for everyone and we saw God give fresh vision to our new friends for the transformation of their city!

These are my favorite moments. I love being able to share what’s happening around the world and share frameworks/ideas for mission, but to see people’s hearts further ignited to join with the Holy Spirit’s move in their city is amazing. Praise God for what He’s doing in Aomori! 🙌

Next stop was Okinawa—an island in the very south of Japan where…. SSCCHHHREEEEEEEEECCHHHH… Well, nothing quite stops you in your tracks like being admitted to the hospital when you first arrive in Okinawa because you’re told you have a blood clot in your leg… First, thank you all so much for you prayers, encouragement, and support through that process. It was such a whirlwind out there, but I got the good news that after the tests, they said my blood clot was not deep and is actually closer to the surface which is huge because that means there was no risk for the clot going to my lungs.

So after 20 hours in a hospital where no one spoke English except through a translator on an iPad, they discharged me from the hospital with medication for improvement. 😃

When I came back from the hospital, it was right before our biggest gathering of church leaders from all around Okinawa which at first I was really bummed to miss when I was admitted to the hospital.. but the timing worked out perfectly to get back, clean up, and share with everyone that night! Haha—not what I expected earlier that day..

The meeting was Amazing! There was so much encouragement there and we were really able to join our brothers and sisters in promoting the Unity and Activation that God’s been developing in the Body of Christ in Okinawa! Communities are full of energy to start working together to serve their cities and are looking for guidance on how to start taking steps into serving together.

🏯 Our time in Okinawa finished with huge answers to prayer. We ended up meeting with church, non-profit, and military leaders from around the city to help them make plans to take action together in unity and to serve together like never before!

🙌 Please keep these pastors and leaders in your prayer as they look to take steps forward, putting their faith into unified action.

🇪🇨Next up: Quito, Ecuador, Casa Victoria, and God’s timing..

☀️I just returned to the States from about two weeks in Quito at Casa Victoria—a renovated large house in the one of the most challenged neighborhoods in Quito that serves as a beacon of light as it serves the children, homeless, and parents of the area.

🏡Week 1: I don’t know if I can express how much I love connecting with this community who lives as a family and serves the poor partnering with God on His mission of reconciling this neighborhood to Himself. Though I loved every moment of the week connecting with the kids, diving into scripture with the staff, and growing our friendships in Him, there was still something else I felt God had me there for that hadn’t happened yet. This week served as a reminder of the importance of seeking Him, enjoying the “now” He has for me, and trusting His perfect timing.

🎆Week 2: Boom. Then it happened. Without going into all the details, Breakfast last Monday came with a huge spotlight on my wonderings. There had been some challenges Casa Victoria had gone through and transition was needed, but as all of us know, during these times, the first steps of transition can feel like 1000 things on our shoulders. As we shared a conversation about this at breakfast, I immediately knew this was one of the reasons God had me at CV during this time. I was able to meet every day with the leadership to prayerfully setup an assessment of where things are now and make a game plan of next steps for transition. Throughout the week, it was a blessing to see how God brought clarity, peace, and “lighter shoulders” to those who have been serving Him and these kids that He cares about so faithfully for years!

😃Lastly, this past Wednesday, I got to meet with Alex and Evelyn who planted a church in the lower level of Casa Victoria six years ago. They since meet elsewhere and have been seeing growth in their church and sowing into the unity of churches and people groups in the area. We had a time to share together about the Prayer and Serving Movements of God around the world. They shared that they had actually seen a huge step in unity in churches happening through prayer that past Friday and had a heart to see their church and other churches activated for mission! The entire time wasn’t just a time of unity in the conversation, something was different and we knew the Holy Spirit was doing something big. Even at some points in our conversation we just stopped and prayed to praise God and open ourselves up for what He may be doing in us together. Alex and Evelyn left deeply encouraged by God’s call to mission for His people, and I was blown away by God’s faithfulness, timing, and presence in our conversation.

🙏🏼With that I ask for your prayer. I ask for prayer for the timing of returning to Quito and my calendar for the next couple months to fall into place within God’s perfect timing and leading. He continues to work in powerful ways, so let’s see what He does next!

The Lord continues to open doors to activate churches around the world!
Feb 5 – 12:
Washington D.C.
Feb 28 – March 21:  Brussels, Belgium
Mar 22 – Apr 4:  Okinawa/Aomori, Japan
April 4 – 9:  Lisbon, Portugal
April 10-16: Brussels, Belgium
April 16-30: Quito, Ecuador
May 13 – 31:  Manilla/Casiguran, Philippines
June 1-15:  Jakarta, Indonesia
June 16 – Jul 10: Brussels, Belgium
Jul 11 – 18:  Brisbane, Australia
Jul 19 – Aug 1: California
Aug/Sept: Camp Melody, NJ, Rockford, IL
Sept/Oct: Brussels, Belgium
Oct 24 – 31: Dublin, Ireland
Nov:  Kathmandu, Nepal
Nov 11 – 17:  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Nov: Jakarta, Indonesia
Dec 1- 20: Brussels, Belgium