In short, a DMC is a small group of people united by God’s love and a desire to share the person of Jesus where neighbors live, work, plan or pray. 

More than a weekly meeting, a DMC is a small group of people that operates like a healthy family of disciples on a mission. The mission is to share God’s love people through relationships and in tangible ways. By embracing this identity, people OUTSIDE of the DMC can be introduced to the person of Jesus as He lives through His followers. People INSIDE the DMC grow closer to God and closer to each other.

We believe that, at its core, this is the biblical example provided for us in the New Testament as to how the family of God lives out their faith together. DMC’s provide an environment that’s small enough to care for the individual’s needs, yet big enough to rally resources together to make a difference. Folks have a common sense of purpose and direction. Ideally, they live close together or have strong communal ties to an area they feel called to bless.

Biblical examples of DMC’s can be seen in the early church like in Acts 2:42-47 and Acts 4:32-35.  There is a certain rhythm to life as part of a DMC: Up, Out, and In.

Because of God’s love for all people, we are following God (“Up”), serving people (“Out”) and living in community (“In”).

Each DMC seeks God on who he’d like them to particularly love (it can be a location or affinity based), and is lead by a team of 3 that helps facilitate the rhythms of Up, Out, and In. We currently have 14 different DMC’s. If you’d like to engage with one, please, CLICH HERE!

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