Kids’ Registration

Welcome to Fervent Church!

Before you attend our Sunday Morning Experiences, it’s important to know a couple things in order for your kids to have a great time at Freedom Factory (our potty-trained and up Kids’ Program).

  1. If you haven’t already, please register yourself in our church database by clicking here: Register
  2. Add your children under as a “family member” under your profile.  Please make sure to fill out every line in it’s entirety and include any allergy your children have.
  3. We will provide snacks and drinks for your child during our service, so there is no need to bring any food with you unless your child has a dietary restriction.
  4. Upon checking your children in, you will receive two labels.  One with your children’s names and the other one is a security label needed to check out your children.  Please hold on to that.
  5. Make sure your children leave with stuff in their hands (Boom Bucks, Take Home Lesson, etc.)

We hope you enjoy yourself here at Fervent Church and that you get plugged into any one of our Discipleship Communities!

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