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Recovery Church


Recovery Church is an interactive spiritual experience that will complement your current recovery program.

Recovery Church will compliment the spiritual elements of your recovery program through worship, prayer, scripture, and teachings that will help you experience God in a tangible, deeper, and more meaningful way.

Recovery Church is a safe place to experience and explore God with others as you continue to journey through your own personal recovery program and experience the power of god’s Holy Spirit through the word of Jesus.

  • 175 Americans die daily from a drug overdose.  That’s like a 737 aircraft crashing and killing all passengers onboard. Every. Single. Day.  You can Help.
  • Overdose is the number one cause of death in the US.  For people under 50, in one year, it kills more Americans than the entire Vietnam War.  Yet God is at work.  Join the movement!
  • Be a part of the solution!  Join the movement!
  • A church created by the recovery community for the recovery community.

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